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    Flash Search SDK questions


      After much searching I found the Flash Search SDK with the swf2html executable and C/C++ code. However, I am not fully sure I understand the license.


      Am I allowed to compile the c++ code into a .dll file and distribute it with my Windows executable website link checker software (shareware, i.e. commercial) application?


      It's this statement that I'm unsure of


      and to distribute compiled version of such Derivative Works in object code format solely as incorporated in the object code format of such Products (the "Bundled Products").


      Which I read as bla bla bla bla

      What is "object code format"? I guess it refers to compiled source code used by compiler/linker when generating the finished executable. That, however, seems like a very odd limitation which would make it impossible to use for... well... for all purposes...

      And (Windows) DLLs are pretty close, so I am thinking Adobe might actually mean "compiled code" when they write "object code".


      I just need something that can extract all links...Can anyone recommend an alternative?

      That doesn't force me to opensource my entire application...


      I don't mind including copyright/open-source notices in "credits" documentation + program about dialog box.

      I'm flexible regarding programming language as I can always roll code into a DLL and call it from my application.