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    OSMF Online-only User Group Meeting -- Edwin van Rijkom  |  TODAY Wed, Jan 20 @ 12:00 NOON PST

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      TODAY Wed, Jan 20 @ 12:00 NOON PST we are having the third meeting of the online-only OSMF User Group ( http://www.adobe.com/go/osmf_usergroup ).


      The online-only OSMF User Group is pleased to have a live presentation on OSMF's new features by a developer from the OSMF Team, Edwin van Rijkom, Sr. Computer Scientist at Adobe.  This meeting is open to all who are interested.  Please forward notice about this meeting to all who you think may be interested.


      The link for the online meeting room can be found in the meeting announcement link here:


      Edwin will be reviewing changes and new features in OSMF delivered in Sprint 8 (released December), as well as providing an overview of new features in Sprint 9 (releasing next week).


      Topics to be covered include:

      • API Refactoring Changes
      • Subclip Support
      • Live Streaming Support
      • Flash Media Manifest File Format (F4M) Support
        • Multi-BitRate (MBR) Streaming;
        • Digital Rights Management (DRM) via Flash Access,
      • Closed Captioning Plug-in
      • Pre-Assigned Durations


      Edwin previously presented at the Adobe MAX 2009 conference as a co-presenter on the session entitled "Introduction to Adobe's Open Source Media Framework".  Following is a link for a recording of Edwin's MAX Session (Edwin's portion starting at 24:00 in the recording timecode):

      OSMF is an open source ActionScript 3 framework for building video and media players supporting cutting edge Flash Platform features for media delivery.  If you have any curiosity about media players in Flash or Flex, this is a great forum for exploring and getting questions answered.

      If you have an ongoing interest in this area, please join this group by logging in at groups.adobe.com/groups/7af970e6e4 and selecting the "JOIN THIS GROUP" link (red graphic on right side).


      This online-only OSMF User Group meets regularly at this time and day of every month.  That is the 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 12:00 NOON PST time.  All meetings are recorded.  Links for prior meeting recordings are on the group site in various places including on the group home page under the heading "Previous Connect Sessions".


      Following are a few time zone conversions:


      London:  8:00 PM to 9:30 PM GMT

      Rome/Paris/Berlin:  9:00 PM to 10:30 PM CET

      New York:  3:00 PM to 4:30 PM EST

      Los Angeles:  12:00 NOON to 1:30 PM PST

      Sydney:  7:00 AM to 8:30 AM EDT ** THURSDAY January 21 **