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      why do we have to onl use html and ajax to create desktop air products and call in php with ajax. why cant we use the sites we have now. also why is there really no good documentation for developing with php. it seems that there is help out there only if you have money to pay for the tuts

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          Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee


          Can you give us more details on what type of application/project you're trying to achieve.

          What functionality is missing?



          Dragos Georgita | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            mike192020 Level 1

            Well the type of application I have is web based. With php and mysql and I'm

            starting to integrate jquery for some nice user friendly experience. And I

            have always wanted to make it a desktop version some how some way. but it

            would need to still have and internet connection for at least one version.

            and then maybe a standalone that could integrate gears (still in planning).


            Then I found air. And after some research I got more interested. Especially

            with the ebay desktop video. But it only seems that you can use html/ajax

            and call php in with ajax. Which is fine but it kind of seems a little

            backwards to me. I then did a little more research and learned about flex.

            But that seems to be redundant. Then there is the thing that I would have to

            learn about a new program and it cost money which I don't have. Yes I

            understand the business model with another program but you would think that

            you could just use straight up php and ajax with air. unless anyone can

            point me to a thing like air, that can make something a desktop version.



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              Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee

              Hi again,

              Now I think I understand better. You're looking for a runtime that runs both the client code (that's usually running inside browser - HTML/Ajax or Flex) but also the server-side, in your case PHP: all these wrapped up in a standalone application.


              As you know, AIR is about running client code (Ajax or Flex) enhanced with APIs that make sense for desktop apps (the kind of functionality you're usually finding in server-side scripting languages - file system access, database - but also others desktop specific - working with native windows, menus, notifications).

              However, you can also have your client code running as a standalone app in AIR but making calls to services that are implemented in PHP and run on the server.


              Hope this clears up some things,