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    How to make Premier Elements 8 work...


      As many may have figured out by now, Premier Elements 8 is not exactly pristene...  Hopefully Adobe will get us all a working version in the next few months.  In the meantime here are a couple of tips:


      First if you're using a 64bit Operating System, Premier Elements 8 does not support it and may not work properly no matter what you do    However, if you are using Windows 7 Professional 64bit or Ultimate 64bit you're in luck... you can set up Premier Elements 8 to run in Windows XP mode which runs under a 32bit virtual machine.  If you're using Vista or XP 64bit you're pretty much stuck with what you've got...


      Now for everyone using a 32bit Operating System (including those using Windows XP mode inside Windows 7), here's the best way to get a working Premier Elements 8 working... bypass the welcome screen / organizer.   Now the file names may be different depending on when you got your version of PrE8, and the locations may be different depending on which OS you're using.  These instructions are for Windows XP 32bit versions:

      1> delete your desktop shortcut for Premier Elements 8

      2> use "my computer" and navigate to the folder  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premier Elements 8.0

      3> find the two application files that begin "Adobe Premiere Elements".   The one that ends in 8.0 opens the welcome screen / organizer which you do not want to use, right click the one that does not end in 8.0 and select "Send to Desktop"

      4> now sitback & enjoy using your crash free version of Premier Elements 8.0 *


      * Okay, that won't fix EVERYTHING, but it has fixed 95% of my crashes and has helped several others.


      Also, if you find PrE8 taking excessively long amounts of time to complete certain tasks including saving your work, adding or deleting effects/annotations/transitions, etc... dissable "background rendering" by going to Edit Menu > Preferences > General & uncheck the box marked "enable background rendering", you may also want to go to the "Auto Save" portion of the preferences & change your auto save settings, I have mine set to save every 5 minutes, though for the average user 10 minutes is probably plenty unless you continue to have problems despite the steps above.


      Oh & for those also using Photoshop Elements 8.0 the same bypass can lead to happier photoshopping   but with PhotoshopElementsEditor as the file you want to create a desktop shortcut for...

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          em.ford Level 1

          Thanks heaps! I'll try that & let you know how I go. So far nothing else has worked for me (see other thread re: giving up & going to an earlier edition)!

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            em.ford Level 1

            I tried it last night... no luck! I followed your instructions & they worked.. the program now opens directly (no welcome screen), but it didn't stop it crashing just the same. Oh well, back to the drawing board!


            Glad it worked for you tho!

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              chaosdsmFL Level 1

              I'd like to blame your failure on Vista... as I recall, you're running Vista 32bit... but since my only experiences with Vista are from fixing other peoples computers that have Vista installed... I'll refrain for now


              The delays in actions (deleting transitions, etc...) could be from background rendering hogging resources... It does the same thing on my pathetic old PC, which is why I mentioned it as well in my OP.


              But beyond that, I'm not going to be much help for a Vista user cause I have no real-world experience with that plague...