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    Search for Synonyms does not work

    Kurt V.



      I work with RH8 ( on Windows Vista Business, SP2.


      I am desperately trying to work with synonyms, but it just won't work. Here is what I do: I click 'File / Project Settings', then click on the button 'Advanced' and choose the Synonyms-Tab. After that, I type words (i.e. 'Rezept') and their synonyms (i.e. 'Medikation'), save it, and that's it. Now, I create a new HTML-Help (.chm) and try searching for those synonyms, but they are not shown. Both above mentioned words do exist in the help, but only one of them is being highlighted, and that's always the one I am searching for, but not the synonym. Why?


      I have posted a support request with the official Adobe support by end of August 2009 about this, and finally got an answer a few days ago (took them only more than 4 months!). Now, they suggested that I should go to the folder 'RoboHTML' and delete the subfolder '8.0' there. So, I closed RH8, deleted this folder, opened RH8 again, created new synonyms, created the chm-file, searched for the same terme in the help and ... it still did not work!


      Am I missing something here? I checked the RH manual several times over this, and from what I read there, it should work the way I tried it. Btw: I also created WebHelp, and it did not work there, too.


      I am really confused about this, and I did not find any other threads here covering my problem ... you are my last hope ... can you help?


      Your support is much appreciated.