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    Shortcut to switch between states?


      Hey there gurus,


      Simple one for you.


      Fireworks CS4. Mac OS 10.5.2.


      Is there a shortcut to switch between states?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          There's no keyboard shortcut, but you can switch them pretty quickly in the symbol editor by clicking on the last state and next state arrows at the bottom of the document window.

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            tpstom-UAs6T9 Level 1

            Thanks Linda


            I managed to find the action in keyboard shortcuts and assign a shortcut to next state and previous state which should make my life easier.


            I find that I am working on multipage documents more and more. I then slice these up, create rollovers and drop down menus etc before proofing them to the client for approval so I end up flicking between pages and states alot at this stage of the design.


            You mentioning "keyboard shortcut" kick started my tired brain - I hadn't considered simply assigning shortcuts of my own.


            Thanks again.



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              Fireworks (CS4)>Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts>Commands:Miscellaneous>"Next State"/"Previous State".

              Thanks, Jack

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                AutoApp_Jords Level 1

                Hey Tom,


                Glad to see you found your way to the keyboard shortcuts area. Here are a couple notes that might keep your Fireworks experience happy:
                •Try to keep your Fireworks files small... Don't have too many pages when you are going to be using a lot of states; I know it is tempting to have the entire project in one file... separating the different sections by pages and the different states of the sections by the states, but it will be worth your while to keep these files smaller and have multiple files in place of multiple pages. This will do wonders for helping the app remain consistent.

                •If you do choose to use multiple smaller files in place of large ones, use 'Command + `' (1 key left of 1/! key). This will let you flip through open pages. If you want to go in reverse, add shift (Command+Shift+`).

                •Try using the terminal command 'purge' if/when things get slow, this coupled with the aforementioned smaller files has helped me avoid crashes.

                •Make some custom tool panel layouts and save them in Window > Workspace Layouts > Save Current. If you want to update a workspace layout, just type the name of the layout you wish to save over.


                Best wishes and good luck with the clients!