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    Three simple questions to the experts....please

    Creative Dude Level 1

      hi all

      first of all i am glad to join in this marvelous forum here

      second if you dont mind i have three simple questions


      1-i have premiere pr CS4 installed in my computer and although i have win7 64-bit,4GB RAM,3 GHZ core 2 due cpu...i have very slow rendering time (for 23 min video it require 10 min just to render and without even one effect applied....i tried CS3 but the same should i try CS2 or there is something wrong here?

      on side note my friend pc have the same quality but using CS2 and for 30 min video it takes 2 min to render with full effects


      2-is there a relaes of premiere pro CS4 or CS3 in 64-bit? and where i can find it?


      3-Our branch in the middle east asking if there is a release of premiere CS4 for middle eastren users (ME edition) or CS3 ME edition

      or is there a language pack to be installed?


      i am sorry if i bombared you with questions but please help us out


      on behalf of our TV station we thank you

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Rendering speed is very dependent on system setup, hardware, tuning, etcetera and on the codec used in the source material. Therefore it is impossible to say whether that is normal or slow without further details.


          Look here: Some suggestions and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article. Second suggestion is to run the http://ppbm4.com benchmark and submit the results to Bill (and possibly post them here as well) so you will get a feeling for your systems performance in relation to other systems.


          CS4 is a 32 bit application (apart from PS Extended, which is 64 bit) but runs great under Win 7-64. CS5 will be 64 bit only, but whether you will really profit from that with only 4 GB of memory remains to be seen.


          For specific ME editions contact Adobe. I just don't know.

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            Huntrex Level 2

            Welcome to the forum.


            1. If your sequence settings match your footage there should be no rendering needed until effects are applied, speed is changed, etc. What video format and codec are you editing?


            2. Premiere Pro is a 32bit application, but is optimized for 64bit systems. After 3-4 GB of RAM  is used, the limit of a normal 32bit app, Premiere will startup a new process that allows another 3-4 GB of memory, and so on and so forth. The next version of Premiere will be 64bit.


            3. Unknown