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    IAC on Win 7 64-bit with VB 2008 Express Edition


      I've just recently purchased a laptop with win 7, 64-bit. I downloaded Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition to convert an IAC application from VB 8, no problem with the conversion. Some adjustments were needed.


      Now for the problem, when I build and run, the application is supposed to take a PDF document, which it earlier distilled and load it into Acrobat for further manipulations. Everything works up to and including the distill step.


      I declare


      Dim avdoc As Acrobat.CAcroAVDoc


      and later,


      avdoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")


      and still later


      avdoc.Open(PDFFileName, "")


      This last one does not seem to work. The variable
      PDFFileName holds the absolute path to the target PDF file.
      The file does not open in Acrobat.


      Has anyone accumulated enough experience with Acrobat 9, Win 7, VB 2008 (Express Ed) to comment on the problem?


      This application worked on WinXP (using VB 6).




      D. P. Story