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    Button Layer Issue


      Having trouble figuring out what the correct actionscript for a button that is trying to access a labeled frame within a movie that is part of a larger movie. It works if I play it by itself outside of the larger movie, but I'm not sure how to get it to work within. This is what I have so far:

      on (release){
      _level0.gotoAndPlay ("next")

      I've tried changing it to:

      contents._level0.gotoAndPlay ("next")

      ...but it didn't work. "contents" is the symbol that the file is being loaded into.

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          FlashForumName Level 1
          If I am understanding you correctly, you have a button inside a movieclip which is on the stage. You want that button to make the parent or root movie go to the frame with label "next" in AS 2. The attached code has 2 examples, use the one that pertains to your needs. If that is the case, try this code in your button which is inside the movieclip:

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            Xodus6 Level 1
            Thanks for your reply! I tried your second advice and it's still not working. Maybe I didn't explain it thoroughly. I have Movie 2 loaded into Movie 1 (through a symbol called "contents"). Movie 2 has a symbol that is several layers with a button on layer 3. I want the button to go to and play label "next" on Movie 2's timeline when it is released. Does this change anything?