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    Merged Help Confusion


      SDHelp is a merged help system that I've inherited, and the parent help file is called SDHelp. I made one small change to the index in one of its child help files. Then I generated both the child help file and the SDHelp file, but when I ran SDHELP.xpj, I could only see the topics/index terms/etc that are in SDHelp. I could not see the child help topics. (This help system is now in production, so I know the TOC insertions of the child help systems is correct.)

      Then I read someplace that to see a merged help system, you need to publish the files. So I published ALL of the files to another folder on my C: drive. But it didn’t create an .xpj file, so now I’m not able to open the help system at all.

      I must be missing a step that will allow me to see the child projects from the main project. Can anyone fill me in?


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The XPJ only exists in the source of each project of the merge and in each source, you will only see the index and TOC for that project. When you generate and / or publish you get the output. The is opened by running the start page for the parent. That is defined in the first page of the wizard and there will not be any XPJ file there. Indeed, if there was you would have a major problem.

          Take a look at the topic on my site about merged webhelp and all will be explained. There will be references to the MPJ file, rather than XPJ but it is otherwise all still valid.