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    How data change in SQL base can force FLEX app to show pop-up window ?


      The problem is this :

      I have SQL database,  to this database data is pushed via .php file which is receiving strings

      using post method. Strings looks like this :




      suddenly we have such a string :




      this is send to base as well, but, I would like to show up a pop-up window

      in case of 'status=alarm' string


      My basic idea is to check database in every 5 sec. if there is a change in 'status' column,

      All values should be 'normal', and we need to trigger an alarm if even one shows 'alarm'.


      I have feeling though this is not the best solution, because it's slowing the whole application.


      The question is : how to notify FLEX application that data has changed in database ?


      Thanks for help