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    dynaically populating check boxes

    Irish-Phoenix Level 1


      I'm trying to dynaically populate some check boxes on a contact form. I tried a number of different ways to do this, and none are working yet. right now I get an error with the code I'm trying to use and can't figure out why it's doing this.


      this is the code I'm using to populate 3 check boxes on a response page. If they don't fill out certain fields, they get this page telling them to do it.


      this is my if statement:

      <cfif form.bothSilk EQ "True"><input name="bothSilk" type="checkbox" id="bothSilk" value="1" checked><cfelse><input type="checkbox" name="bothSilk" id="bothSilk" value="1"></cfif>


      this is my error:


      Element bothSilk is undefined in FORM.


      Can anyone help me out? I also tried using isDefined in this statement and that made all the check boxes show as checked when I didn't even check any off.


      thank you