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    change master page


      I'm using indesign CS3 with javascript.


      I have a document with 11 chapters, every chapter has the same Master-page.

      Every chapter has 1,2, ..pages, the master page for the content in the chapter is not the same as the chapter Master-page.

      Every content from a chapter has a different master page, than the content from an other chapter.

      this means that i have 12 master-pages



      Chapter 1:           master-page A

           content1:       master-pageB

      Chapter2:           master-page A

           content2:       master-page C


      Every title from the chapter and content will be placed into a running header with a specifiek paragraph style.


      At the moment i have a little javascript, this script checks on every page for the paragraph style from a chapter.

      and the "master-page A" will bee placed on the right page.


      how can i extend my script for  the content master-pages?

      Is it possible that i can retrieve the text from the running header from the chapters?