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    Dotted line disappears after publish

    Michael Gannon

      I designed a site in Illustrator CS4, and used a .25pt line with 2pt dash and 2pt gap. When I imported it in Catalyst it seemed to come in okay, but when I publish my site it disappears.


      Here is the site so far.



      Attached is a screen capture of where the dotted line should be.

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          Michael Gannon Level 1

          Well, I figured out how to get my line to show up. In Illustrator the line I created was set to be .25pt. I couldn't figure out how to adjust the point size of the line within Catalyst but I did notice that the height of the path/object was set to 0. I thought it was kind of strange that you would even be able to see it in Catalyst if it's height was 0 but what ever, I changed it's height to 1px and now it shows up when I publish.