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    Question Wizard: Type in the box pages



      Wonder if anyone can help with a quizz master problem.

      I am creating a series of 60 questions,using different variations from the quizz master. Some multiple choice, some true and false, but the majority of pages are type in the box. This is where the problem lies. On some pages I have 1 box whilst on others I have 4, 5, and 6 boxes for the student to type into. I need to have some boxes side by side whilst on other pages I need to have the boxes in a single row down the page.

      After finishing a type in the box page exactly how I want it to look, I then create another type in the box page using the quizz master. When I return to the newly created type in the box page in PPT - the previous page has altered all its text box layout. The boxes are all over the place. I can put it back to how I want it to look like again, save it and publish it and all is well. However if I then want to create another text box page again it does exactly the same thing again. It is driving me crazy and what should be a simple job is taking ages to achieve !!!!!!!

      I look forward to your comments !!!!!!!!!