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    generating return types


      i am trying to connect with coldfusion cfc offcource i used a templet cfc and modify it and get the data in my datagrid and a form


      but the datatypes of some fields are Object datatype not date or numbers or string ,,, the database is Oracle 11g ,


      how i can modify that datatypes and why that happens ??? its not the first application i did i used Mysql before and every thing is going well


      plz help


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          Balaji Sridhar Level 2



          We officially support only MySQL,MSSQL and Apache Derby databases wrt to the DCD-CF stack.


          However we could help you with the problems your are facing.


          Could you please attach your databse schema and your modified template CFC(if possible) so that we could check out from our end.


          Please mail me the attachments to balajs AT adobe DOT com.




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            asaad970 Level 1

            thanks for responding ,


            Oky i will send what you requested and plz try to solve that because its not logic that this great tool (flash builder) cannot be used smoothly with oracle database , we have lots of projects that our customers use or want to use Oracle databases .


            the email will be send to you shortly


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              Pat Moody

              I've come accross a similar problem with SQL Server and was getting the 'Object' datatype set by default.


              It turns out that the table I was trying to add a datatype to had no data at all. I've added a single row to see what would happen and hey presto I am able to add specific data types.


              Perhaps this is how the feature needs to function by analysing the actual data in the table? Took me an age to discover though!

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                asaad970 Level 1

                but the table that i am generating the service and return type have more then 19000 records

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                  SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

                  This might be an issue with the way the db driver is returning the data type. If you have ColdFusion builder can you check what are the datatypes that it is displaying for the column names in the RDS view.