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    old serial number invalid, apparently too short?

    wee karn



      I've tried to install After Effects CS4 upgrade (pc, from 6.5 standard). It accepts the new serial number, then says my old serial number is invalid. Apparently it only contains 20 characters instead of 24.


      I've just moved house and all my stuff is in storage, so I can't lay my hands on the jewel case to check the number on there, but the number coming up on screen for my current AE is only 20 characters long- can anyone tell me if their number on screen is shorter than the one on the case?


      I could have sworn that I registered this product, and my copy of Photoshop, but neither are showing up as registered... I contacted support and they say I need to check the jewel case- can't argue with that, really, but I'm trying to work out if it's worth me trying to get access to my stuff in storage...a lot of hassle to discover the case only has a 20 digit code too.


      Anyone got any help/thoughts/suggestions?