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    tabbing order


      I am having a problem setting tab order.  When I view the tab order it is correct but when i go to pdf it doesn't work correctly between regular text boxes and radio buttons.

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          Dallas Kuhn Level 3

          First, make sure that your fields in the hierarchy are in the correct order

          (they should flow in the same order as the tab order). Secondly, make sure

          that all the fields are lined up correctly. If a field on the right is a

          fraction higher than a field on the left, it will take priority over the

          field on the left. Let us know if that fixes the problem. There is a last

          step that involves removing tags from the xml, but first try those two steps

          and see if it sorts out the issue.

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            mur0813 Level 1

            I checked both of those things they are correct.

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              mur0813 Level 1

              What tags do I need to remove in the html?

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                Dallas Kuhn Level 3

                In the XML Source tab, do a search for <traversal>. You should see something like this:




                        <traverse operation="first" ref="textField[0]"/>




                Remove all 3 of those lines (there should be numerous duplications of these 3 lines if you set the tab order manually - 1 for each field on the form). You don't need to replace them with anything, just remove all of them. Be careful not to remove anything else by accident as that could cause serious issues. I suggest that you make a backup of the xdp before you start with this.

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                  mur0813 Level 1

                  This worked great but when i closed it out and reopened it the tab order wouldn't work again.

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                    Dallas Kuhn Level 3

                    Those 3 steps normally work form me. May be worth another try - go through everything again to make sure you didn't miss something. Pay close attention to the alignment of the fields. I'm not sure if you use the snap to grid option in designer. That ensures the fields have the same x coordinates.