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    hacked/copied versions of your ebook?


      OK so I understand that Acrobat 9 PDFs do not really have any DRM security. Has anyone put a PDF ebook out for sale and then tracked how many hacked/unsecured copies are out on the Web via a Google search?  There seems to be two schools of thought: one is, the more copies out there, the better for your visibility, paid or not, while the other is "there's no money in giving away free content."  Has anyone sold say 1,000 copies of an ebook and then found sales plummeted at some point when the hacked version appeared on the Web?  Clearly, it boils down to readers being willing to pay, and I wonder if anyone has any direct knowledge of losing sales to "free" unauthorized versions.  I say this as an author who currently only has Kindle and Mobi versions out there, as these are pretty secure DRM rights platforms. Thank you for sharing your experiences with security and online copies.