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    Flash over Flash on a web page

    Netvideomaker Level 1

      I created a web site in Flash and tried to introduce a transparent Flash video file as a layer, as I've done countless times in HTML site pages. While I could hear the audio I couldn't see the video and as I changed its position (x-y coordinates) I discovered that the visual component was under the Flash page - I could get it to peek out from an edge but not lay over. I tried changing its priority using numbers above zero - and likely didn't really know what I was doing given my beginner status with Flash. You might think that adding the video instance to the fla document so they are both known to the swf would get around the problem, and it would except that I want the transparent video to exit when it stops/completes and I'm not aware that I can do that in the fla. Is there a solution out there? Thanks for looking at this.


      David Hurdon