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    Make a sexy drop down menu?


      Hi gurus,


      Fireworks CS4. Mac 10.5.8.


      I know how to make a simple drop down menu using the "Add Pop Up Menu" on a slice.


      However, they are very limiting and although acceptable for first client proof to show content, they just don't cut the mustard for final designs.


      I'm wondering if there is another solution to create drop downs that I could use so that my designs look perfect from first proof stage.


      As an example of what I mean, see the drop downs on this site, next to the search bar - New / Your Stuff / History / Browse.


      Is there a way to create them in Fireworks and get them to work like drop downs.


      My workflow is usually to create a design in FW, slice it all up and link the pages and either pop it through Dreamweaver and upload to a test page or simply preview in browser and take a laptop to the client's office where they can be impressed by what "appears" to be a working site.


      Thanks in advance.