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    Adobe Media Encoder Batch Processing

    Michael Kominsky Level 1



      Did a preliminary search...could not find anything directly on target...here's the issue:


      WIN Vista 64

      PrP CS4 4.2

      AME 4.2

      Matrox RT.X2 LE 4.2


      1. Using AME, I've got multiple files(about 50) in a Source FOLDER  "A" that I want batch process out to Output FOLDER "B"

      2. When I drag all the files into the queue, AME assumes that the Output Folder is the same as the Source...

      3. While the "formats" and "presets" are correct, each file in the queue needs to have the "Output" destination manually changed to FOLDER "B"...

      4. I've searched the AME help etc, and I'm unable to find a way to mass change the "Output" folder without individually changing each "Output" destination.

      5. I've Alt>A selected then tried to mass correct, but that only changes on file "Output"


      Anybody know how do a batch process in AME (as in Photoshop CS3) without having to change each "Output" location?


      Btw, the AME Help, and online support is a little thin...


      Many TIA