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    Auto-Update from 9.2 -> 9.3 failing behind proxy. Failing authentication.


      Interestingly, if I apply the 9.3 update manually, then the updater works fine after that. I used the updater to successfully install the language pack for 9.3.


      But, If I try to use the update to go from 9.2 to 9.3, I get a dialog box asking for proxy autentication. I've tried entering in my credentials, but it does not take them. Errors out with a could not establish a connection, Error:1400. I see no errors on the proxy.


      I am the proxy admin, and I have configured it to disable all filtering for *.adobe.com. I don't have a way to disable authentication on a per-domain basis unfortunately.


      I read that 9.2 is using BITS to update, and 9.3 does not. Does this mean something?


      I'd like to give users the ability to make this upgrade automatically. Any ideas?