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    Flex Builder bug - .svn folders are copied to the output folder


      I'm using the Subersion version control system (Using Tortoise SVN as the client) to control my Flex project code.

      I added to the subversion repository my Flex project (all folders except the bin folder). When Flex compiler builds the project, it copies the "html-template" folder to the bin directory, it also copies the ".svn" folders that the subversion system puts in the "html-template" folder. This also happens if I select to "copy non-embedded files to output directory" option in the Flex Compiler properties of the project. The compiler copies all the ".svn" folders he can find in the source folder (recursively).

      As I see it, this is a bug because the ".svn" folders are hidden, therefor they should not be copied.
      Maybe it is a missing feature in the flex compiler properties, that indicates to the Flex compiler not to copy hidden folders to the output directory.