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    Premiere Elements 3.0 Buffer Overrun Problem


      Hi... this is a question about Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 which came with my computer (a sony vaio LT) it has worked perfectly up until about a month ago. When I load Premiere and click on the New Project text then it begins to load... about 5seconds into the loading a buffer overrun message pops up saying the following:


      Buffer Overrun Detected!  Program: ...miere Elements 3.0\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe  A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state.  The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.



      This is extremely anoying and frustrating as i have a project to complete for school!


      Computer Details: Sony Vaio LT

      OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

      Adobe Version: Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 (which has been fully registered for free when i purchased my computer)


      I have put a video on youtube of this problem and the link is:






      Please Help!
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          A Buffer Overrun error could well indicate that the setup of resource management in the computer is not correct.


          The first thing that I would do would be to look at this ARTICLE for tips on setting up the computer for an editing session.


          It might also be very useful to list the full specs. of your computer.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This ARTICLE has general troubleshooting tips. While written for PrPro, most applies to PrE too. Note the links to tools for gathering additional info at the end. Those can likely tell you exactly what is happening, when you get the Buffer Overrun.


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Last, when a program crashes or hangs, there is often a breadcrumb trail of what was happening when the crash occurred. This ARTICLE will give you tips on finding clues as to what was going on. Be sure to follow any links in any of the error, or warning messages, as they might lead directly to the cause.


              If nothing shows up in Event Viewer, look at the bottom of the article for a link to The Case of the Unexplained. It's a bit long, but goes into great detail, and offers tools for tracking down almost every possible error. Get a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Also, consider what you're using as source files.


                Photos that are larger than 1000x750 pixels in size will often overload your system in Premiere Elements.


                Also, look at your timeline. Are there red lines above your clips on the timeline? That's an indication you need to render the timeline. Press Enter and let the computer render your files. The red lines will turn green and your system will run much more efficiently.

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                  Jeemes Level 1



                  thanks for the advice and help... all was greatly appreciated.


                  Firstly i have considered uninstalling and reinstalling but now have decided to do a master/factory restore to solve the premiere problems and hopefully (fingers crossed) speed up my computer.


                  Once i have completed this factory Restore my adobe premiere should hopefully start to run smoothly again.

                  But how would i prevent this problem/error occuring again. Have you any tips to say clear memory, or something along these lines.


                  Thank you!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    One way to keep the computer running at its best is to realize that most companies that build computer load them with tons of bloatware. Some will bunches of utilities, that do little, some will be co-ops with Internet providers, and such. A Factory Restore will likely add those back to the computer. Also, many programs (iTunes is a good example) also add all sorts of unnecessary programs and Process, that sap performance. Even Windows updates can add these little "features." Ever try to keep Windows Messenger off of your computer? It cannot be done, regardless of the settings. Nearly every update wants to install/update it, and will try to set it up to launch at bootup.


                    Once you do your restoration, I'd look to that article on "Clean, Lean Mean Editing Machine," for some tips. Obviously, it cannot cover all possibilities, and just some of the "usual suspects."


                    When one installs other programs, especially "suites," I recommend ONLY doing this in Custom Mode, and only install the modules, that will be needed. All too many programs want to load the computer up with all sorts of "stuff." Nero, Roxio and several other video editing suites want to add all sorts of browsers, sniffers, watchers and utilities. I only install modules that I want and will use.


                    Also, most computer have several AV programs. One only needs one good one. Same for spysweeping and pop-up blocking. Unfortunately, most want to also install every possible module. The user often ends up eliminating many of these, but they still clutter up the HDD.


                    The same thing can go for fonts. Some people collect these like rare coins, and just let them all load up at boot. Get a good font manager, and use it to limit the installed fonts to just what is needed. If others are required, they can then be loaded on a font-by-font basis. On my workstation, I have over 12,000 fonts, however, there are usually fewer than 300 loaded at any one time, thinks to Extensis Suitcase, my font manager.


                    Good luck,