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    Where is button script?

    brambilaa Level 1

      Have a coldfusion application from 2008 that includes a PDF form that is posted

      via http, I believe.  The app submits a PDF form to another PDF form via the Populate action.


      <cfpdfform source="Report.pdf" destination="Report_TEMP.pdf" action="populate" overwrite = "true">


      Report_TEMP.pdf contains a button that submits it back to the application via http.


      The trouble is I cannot find the script behind the button.  When I open the form from Dreamweaver, it apparently opens in "run mode" and doesn't allow me to do anything but click the button.  Javascript is enabled.  If I edit the form, it opens in Livecycle but the script editor doesn't show any script - just a bunch of lines that look like:


      ----- form1.#subform[0].HTTPSubmitButton1::initialize: - (FormCalc, client) ------------------------



      Anyone have any ideas?