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    How can I convert a SWF file?


      Let me start by saying I know zero about Flash. I own a copy because it came with the CS3 pkg I bought.


      I have a .swf file from a client containing a Flash animation.  I do not have the original Flash file(s) from which it was created.  I would like to convert this into a format that I can import into iMovie 8 without losing much of the video quality or audio.


      So far, I have been able to open and play the swf animation in Flash, but cannot figure out how to save it to a different format.  I have scoured the web but not found any obvious ways to convert it short of buying converter software for $50-100 with unknown results.


      The finished product will be run on a pc, not via the web, so maintaining small file size is not critical.


      I'd appreciate any leads or suggestions from the experts here.  Many thanks.