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    Loading external .swf files issue...

    marer1976 Adobe Community Professional



      I'm working on a simple example of loading external swf files with some ActionScript.


      I've placed an instance of List Component and gave it an instance name of loadList. Using Component Inspector, I assigned data for 4 external files as below:




      Next, I've added a UILoader component (instance name - loadWindow). The code that is supposed to load the content into UILoader is this:


      loadList.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, selectItem);
      function selectItem(e:Event):void
          loadWindow.source = e.target.selectedItem.data;


      When I run it in a FlashPlayer, it only loads the first 2 swf files....  (I checked the files and all files are fine).


      I hope to get some light on the issue so any help will be appreciated.