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    How should I import indexed m2t files?




      I hope someone can help me. I've been given a hard drive with 45 mins of footage (with audio) for editing. It is meant to be continuous but has been split into .m2t files of 4GB each (max). My problem is: when I import the m2t files into PremPro (CS3) there is a drop-out in the audio at the point where the files are joined in the sequence. There are no missing video frames (that I can see) just the audio glitches for a beat.


      I believe the files I've been given are copied directly off the memory card of a Sony Z5 and have .idx files with them. The little bit of research I've done suggests that these "index" files are to ensure seamless concatenation of the individual footage files. Apparently, Final Cut Pro has a "Log and Transfer" function which utilises the .idx files correctly but I can't get Premiere to do it.


      So ... does anyone know how?