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    Workflow question about output module names

    Andy Bay Level 1



      I have been working on a massive project that requires hundreds of lower thirds.


      After finishing the actual design, my workflow has been like this:


      1. Save the project with a new file name

      2. Replace the old text with the new one

      3. Save


      Before doing that, I have added the render comp to the render queue. For the output module name and location, I have used a template that automatically gives the output module the project name. This has been great, since I have only needed to enter a new project name when "saving as" and the render module has automatically taken that name for the output file name. A great speed saver when you have to do tens of repeats.


      Now here comes the problem:


      After I had created all the necessary AE-projects, I was thinking of importing all the projects in to a single AE-project and then simply hitting render (since all the output modules were automatically added to the render queue when importing the projects) so that I could leave the computer rendering for a few days and do something else in the mean while. BUT when I import the projects, the name for the output module changes for every item in the render que to represent the current project. In other words I loose all my carefully planned names that I used to have in the output modules, because AE replaces them with the current project name.


      Is there any way of keeping the workflow I described without having to rename all the output modules after importing the projects in to a single render project? Is there some other way to get a good workflow on a project like this?


      Any tips will be highly appreciated!