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    Digital Editions questions re: compatibility with an older system

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      Two questions, same customer:


      1. Customer is wondering if he can install and use Digital Editions (1.7.1) to read a protected file bought from our site without jeopardizing a few old protected PDFs that he is used to accessing in Acrobat 6 Pro. (Will DE migrate his older books to DE?)


      2. Customer is wondering if he will be able to move and keep his "My Digital Editions" folder to external thumb drive, as his laptop is very crowded and some of the books he wants to buy are large protected scanned PDFs. Is there a preferences way for him to point at an external drive for that folder? Or will he need to somehow open each book in the "My Digital Editions" folder on the hard drive, then move each to the thumb drive, then "Add Item to Library" for each item?


      Thank you...!