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    FrameMaker and Printing

    Laurence Burrows Level 1


      Strictly speaking this could be classified as a bug fix, but I'm going with feature request.


      Adobe should rip out the current print routines in FrameMaker and replace them with the same ones that work so reliably in InDesign. I (and probably every other FrameMaker user on this planet) am totally p***ed off by the whole  "ensure your default printer is Adobe Acrobat [Professional], download and install this secret framer's business hotfix from Microsoft, get all your fonts into this sequence, wait for a full moon and pray to the sun god" experience.


      The present File > Print and File> Save as PDF process is totally Borked!


      Example: I tried to print a 20-page FrameMaker 8 document yesterday after saying the requisite number of Hail Mary's (and I'm not Catholic). And yes, FM is up to date, as is Acrobat and Win XP. Crashed every time. So changed to using the HP4300 PS (emulation) driver and saved to file (as .ps), then ran the result through Distiller. Success! But that's even sillier than trying to tell a customer that Windows Vista will run bug-free on a Pentium 4 PC with 1GB !


      Enough, already!


      Stop explaining what position the user should assume (without even offering KY lube to ease the pain).


      Just fix it!