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    HELP! with buttons

    michael - london
      Timeline#1: I've created a frame in Flash CS3, I'm using using Actionscript 2.0. I have 12 small images on the frame that are buttons.
      Timeline#2: In a single frame I've added a movie clip which is 12 larger images and a description each in their own frame along the time line.

      Try as I might I can't work out how to make the buttons work. I want the user to click on one of the buttons and for the large image in the movie clip to appear in the main part of the movie.
      Here's a link to a couple of screen shots of what i've done.

      Can anyone help, or does anyone know of any tutorials that deal with this that I can have a look at.

      Many thanks in advance

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          It's still a little hard to tell how you have things set up, but here's a possible scenario solution...

          First, you basically have 13 items, 12 buttons and one movieclip with larger images. Give all of them instance names in the Properties panel.

          Let's say you named the first button: btn1
          and the movieclip is named: imgs_mc
          and the first frame of the movieclip aligns with the btn1 purpose...

          btn1.onRelease = function(){