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    Need help with gradient mesh, can't get it to work properly

    TF22Raptor2 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am trying to add a gradient (highlight and shadow) to the shape below. As you can see I can add the first highlight, but when I go to add a second by simply repeating the same process as what I did with the first (but with a darker tone) it only goes half way. (fig 4)





      (same image just showing the handles I have setup). Also for some reason the vertical bottom handle (very bottom edge) will not resize, I want to reduce the vertical size of that gradient so there is not as much highlight but I can't without alterting the shape. Its like the gradient mesh point has joine dinto the shape point???? Could someone show me what also going on there?




      My atempt at adding a shadow. It now only goes half way.



      Any help would be great