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    Dropdown menu help



      I am updating my website, and created a dropdown menu using fireworks. (later I installed it into dreamweaver, but I'm not sure that that makes any difference) The problem I am having is that each item in the dropdown menu opens in a new tab when I click it, and I want it to stay in the same window. My site is here:  www.nicolemn.com

      Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

      Thank you.

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          pixlor Level 4

          That code is awful! How in the world do you expect to maintain this code with names like these? Using Fireworks code for a live site (rather than building in Dreamweaver, for example) is just asking for trouble.


          Here's your menu code:

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0');" target="Home" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/home.html">  Home </a>

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0','1');" target="Photography" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/photography.html"></a>

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_2" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0');" target="Design" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/design.html"> Design </a>

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_3" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0');" target="About" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/about.html"> About </a>

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_4" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0');" target="Contact" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/contact.html"> Contact </a>

          <a id="MMMenu0120182959_0_Item_5" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0120182959_0');" target="Link" href="http://www.nicolemn.com/links.html"> Links </a>



          Answer to your question:


          Your trouble is with these bits in the code above:










          The target attribute has to do with what window the link opens in. You have each link open in a new named window (not a standard thing to do). See this description: http://www.developingwebs.net/html/targetattribute.php You need to remove the target attributes in the section of code I quoted and anywhere else you're using them inappropriately.



          Optional stuff:


          You might also consider whether or not each link needs its own id and if a more memorable class name ("mainnav" perhaps?) might be better than "MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0120182959_0."


          I'm not a fan of your menu only showing up if the user mouses over your logo. What if the user never does that? You're pinning your hopes and expectations on a random user behavior. That's poor usability. Navigation should be clear, not hidden. Also, users dislike splash pages, as it's extra time needed to load a page that has no content on it. It's a barrier to content and the Web is all about access to content.

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            Save yourself a lot of grief and do NOT use that menu system. Trust me, you are not saving yourself any time. They are not working properly in CS4 and are a PITA to maintain after they're built.



            Jim Babbage

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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              I have to add my 2 cents as well...please don't use FW menus for final site:-) Great

              for comps only. Good CSS menus are easy to maintain and search engine friendly. As a busy designer I love the Project Seven menus and great su[port (http://projectseven.com) or build your own http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/