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    Corrupt file


      *sorry posted this in someone else's thread


      Cool product.. I was having a lot of fun until LOL


      my file is corrupted because i saved it with the code error.


      mine was caused by deleting a page and having redundant code remaining


      <s:ToggleButton click="toggleButton_clickHandler_2()" enabled.Basics="false" enabled.MyProfile="false" selected.Basics="true" selected.Chat="false" selected.Info="false" selected.Map="false" selected.MyProfile="true" selected.Items="false"  selected.Items="false" selected.Save="false" skinClass="components.ToggleButton2" toolTip.Chat="Options" x="368" y="47"/>


      for example. is there anyway to get my file working again?


      file attached

      BunniTest3.fxp <- before i tried to fix it with flex "error: This FXP Project is invalid and cannot be opened"

      BunniTest5.fxp <- after i tried to fix it with flex "error: This FXP Project has been modified outside of Flash Catalyst and cannot be opened"

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          I have also been having this same issue. Can anyone help me figure out how to resolve this? I'm really deep into my project and I'd rather not have to start from scratch in order to resolve the issue.


          If it is the code, why is the code creating errors if I haven't changed it?


          Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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            Bear Travis Adobe Employee



            This is a known issue in Beta 2. Jim, if you can send me your project or attach it, I can try to patch it and get it back to you.


            [edit] Send me a PM me to get my email.



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              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

              Hi There,


              If you send me an email address (see below for mine), I can send back a patched FXP that will hopefully work for you.



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                jim.barnes Level 1

                Hi Bear,


                I sent the ZIP file to your email this morning. Any chance you got to take a look at it? Prognosis?




                Jim Barnes

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                  Hi there,


                  You have to edit manually the file to correct the error. Thta happened to me with a big project and that's what i had to do:


                  1. Make a backup of the file

                  2. Open the file with Flash Builder and check the errors.

                  3. Fix the error in the source code and try to run it to make sure you did just what you needed to.

                  4. Close the project in flash builder and try to open the fxp with a zip filer (WinZip, Winrar...)

                  5. Go to the file you edited in flash builder and make the same changes you did there.

                  6. Save the file and wait for an update confirmation for the Zip filer you use

                  7. Open the file with flash catalyst.

                  8. That's it!!!



                  Let me know if that works for you!!

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                    I had the problem "This FXP project is invalid and cannot be opened". I followed the steps above and now the file will open in Flash Catalyst, but some images are missing and some functionality that was there before is not restored.


                    Also, when I try to run the project, it says: "Flash Catalyst cannot run this project because of an error in the code. To find the error, switch to the Code workspace and look in the Problems panel."


                    In the Problems panel there are 9 errors having to do with images:

                    "1120:Access of undefined property bitmapimage10." (Flex problem)


                    Any suggestions?? Solutions??


                    Thanks, LM

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                      Bear Travis Adobe Employee



                      I'd have to take a look at your project to see what's gone wrong. If you can post it online and include a link, that would be easiest.



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                        LDMedia4 Level 1

                        Hi Bear,

                        Thank you for getting back to me! I've uploaded the folder here: www.ldmedia.ca/shany/WEBSITE.zip

                        Please let me know if you find anything! I need to start keeping backup files on external drives for cases like this.


                        This is the latest version that I had working before I made some changes and it crashed: www.shanyphotography.com/dev. When I tried adding a scrollbar to one of the empty pages (Maternity page) that's when it crashed on me and became corrupted.


                        Thank you!!!


                        Leesa Dawn Micallef

                        Web Designer & Developer


                        (519) 562-2323


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                          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                          Hello Leesa,


                          I've patched the fxp and sent it to your email address. There were references to a missing design layer and image, which I removed. I'm guessing when you open the project, you will notice that an image and design layer are missing.


                          If you followed Leon's instructions, you may have accidentally deleted too much. If you have the Catalyst project from just after the crash, I can see if the assets were still there.


                          Let me know if you have any more questions,


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                            I also am having a similar problem and am unable to open the fxp file in flash builder. Any chance someone could patch it for me?






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                              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                              Hi Justin,


                              I'm afraid this particular file is irreparably damaged. The fxp archive, rather than individual files in the fxp, has been corrupted. Are there any other versions of the file?


                              I would also like to get a rough idea of how Catalyst got into this state. If you can remember what kind of content you were working with and what actions you were performing when Catalyst crashed, that could help us track down the underlying issue.


                              Sorry I couldn't give you better news,



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                                jfarris10 Level 1

                                Well thats ok. I actually just finished rebuilding the site this morning.


                                As far as Catalyst crashing it was a fairly common occurrence. About an hour deep into building anything it would seem to bog down and crash. I was pretty good at saving and would just restart work after a crash.


                                That time (when the file became corrupted) I was creating some external absolute links to my twitter, facebook, ect. and was going to run the Catalyst site to test those links. I hit the key command (command+enter) and it froze and eventually crashed. Then when I tried to re-open the file it said it was corrupted.


                                Thanks for taking a look at it for me