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    PE8 wont render, line stays red!

    em.ford Level 1

      Sorry, got another problem. When I hit the Enter key (or go thru Timeline, Render work area) the little render box pops up, it has a think, but the % stays at 0%, and when the box dissapears the line in the timeline is still red.. not green! Aaaahhh!

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          nealeh Level 5

          Do you have the work area bar covering only a small amount of the project? If so the rendering will only do that small area.


          • Press the \ key so that the whole movie is displayed.
          • Double-click the work area bar to make it cover the whole movie.
          • Press enter to render.


          PRE7 help topic (PRE8 is the same).


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Please tell us more about your Assets - your source video Clips. The full specs. would be useful, along with the process that you used to get these onto your computer and then to Import them into PrE. If needed, G-Spot can give you all the file info.


            Next, please tell us about the Project Preset chosen at the time you did New Project. Does this match your Assets 100%?


            Last, how much defragmented free space do you have on your HDD? How is your HDD formatted, FAT-32, or NTSF? Render files can be pretty large.


            Good luck,