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    Using Captivate via CITRIX

      I am using Macromedia Captivate to "capture" an online application ... BUT ... I need to log into the application via CITRIX (similar to a VPN). Captivate DOES NOT seem to capture all the functionality within this application ... I am assuming because of CITRIX. Anyone have any suggestions?

      Let me know ... bweitzel@mbakercorp.com

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          SShipe Level 1

          The issue with Citrix and Captivate (at least in my experience) is that Captivate wants to instantaneously take captures when an event is triggered and Citrix is quite a bit slower in reacting. This results in what appears to be missing objects and screens.

          I would recommend turning Enable auto recording off (Options/Recording Options...) and going with the manual approach. This has worked better for us than trying to use Captivate's auto record mode since by pressing the Print Screen button allows us more control to make sure that screens and such come up before capturing. We then use the Edit environment to manually add functionality.

          If you really want to go with auto record, then I would strongly suggest making liberal use of the Print Screen option to manually add more screens than you "think" you will need. The theory is that is is easier to delete extra screens than to have to add them.