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      I came across a nice articles here for locales.




      After implementing the locales, I want to customize it further.


      If I want to change some values in .properties file, I have to compile it again .


      Is it possible to load the .properties file like xml or text file and get the values directly.

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          iamfuric Level 2

          This nice article states that :


          the MXML compiler autogenerates a subclass of ResourceBundle with a content Object containing the key/value pairs for those resources.

          It means you can't achieve what you want with built in  resource localization support.

          But, yes, you can  load properties  file by yourself  -you will have to parse it by yourself into Dictionary object.


          In this case I suggest to remove each


          so Flex will not autogenerate his stuff and your swf/swc won't contain the files your  application doesn't use...