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    Snap to Fit Does Not Work

    Chaplain Doug
      Captivate version 3.0.1 Build 587.

      I am new to Captivate. When I record (in full motion) and select "Snap to Fit," the main window (e.g., Microsoft Word) stays in the capture area, but when dialogs pop up from Word they sometimes are partly outside the capture area, and I have to move them into the area. How can I make it so that all things that come up are snapped into the capture area? Thanks for the help.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Dr. Pruiett

          The Snap to Fit option is only for initially snapping either:

          1. The application inside the Captivate recording area - If recording using Custom Size setting
          2. The Captivate recording area around the application - If recording using Application setting

          You seem to be wanting what is offered by another option. Click Edit > Preferences... > Recording node > Settings node and note the setting labeled: Move new windows inside recording area. My guess is that you will find this is alread enabled, which will probably beg the question of why isn't Captivate making this happen?

          Well, as you have seen, the option doesn't work with all windows. Perhaps the developer of the application is calling the window in such a manner as Captivate doesn't see.

          You may wish to report this as a possible bug to be addressed. You do this using the Wish Form

          Click here to view the WishForm/Bug Reporting Form

          Cheers... Rick