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    about Flash Player 10.1,what sdk should I use.


      new questions


      I am using flex builder 3 ,3.2.0 sdk



           which sdk I should use if I want to built on Flash Player 10.1 and use NetGroup.



           If I use NetGroup and muticast a netstream. how it works?

           I mean like DHT mesh


           Flash Player does not relay data on behalf of any other Flash Player endpoints ,just Point to Point?




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          suxuekun Level 1


               where will stratus go?

               I mean If I want to build a live broadcast system,can I find a Server(FMS?) like stratus which can deal with peers and itself is also a strong point in the p2p network,so that I can deal with my own business logic at server side such as I want to save the stream and playback.

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            suxuekun Level 1

            I have read something about muticast.


            er,ok ,at last I find I know nothing.


            IGMP? PIM-SM?


            ok,forget it. er ,I am waiting for answer about how I can build my first app on 10.1 .

            so that I can build my app to test. and maybe after that,I will have more questions.


            forgive me for these simple questions and my poor English.




            My understanding ,

            muticast works like this.IANA save D class IP ~ for muticast.

            If you do a muticast ,you need IGMP and PIM-SM or PIM-DM support, otherwise it will be a broadcast but not muticast.

            as you send the same stream to different clients(peers). you just send one copy to the net work and the Router will copy if need.



            P2P works like that.you get all peers in a center management server(tracker server?) and a tree is created , and dynamic modified when peers join and leave. when a node get message from father it send it to it's childrens.

            the attachments below is my understanding.


            I think the muticast is the best way  but I don't know if it's now can be widly used as it maybe need hardware support of any points join in the networks.



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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              re Q1: you can use any Flex SDK you want, but you must use Flash Player 10.1's playerglobal.swc to access the new APIs.


              re Q2: RTMFP Groups (via NetStream and NetGroup constructed with groupspecs) create self-organizing P2P structures that resemble DHTs.  a Flash Player joined to an RTMFP P2P group may relay data on behalf of other Flash Players.  you should watch Matthew Kaufman's presentation on RTMFP from MAX 2009 at




              which also answers some of your questions on how it actually works in as much detail as we can share at this time.


              re Q3: no FMS is currently for sale that supports RTMFP.  at this time there are just hosted services: Adobe Stratus and LCCS.