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    jclguru Level 1

      I can't get to their site cause I'm blocked at work...can ZoomSearch

      search within an Excel spreadsheet or is it just .doc/pdf files?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I'm sure they will not mind me pasting this from their site.


          • Search results sorted by relevance or by date
          • Wildcard searching (eg. "zo?m", "*zoom*")
          • Exact phrase searching*
          • "Google-like" context search results*
          • Highlight words found in search results
          • Provide spelling suggestions* and synonyms
          • Exclusion/negative searches
          • V6 Search Ranking Algorithm and Stemming*
          • Display images or thumbnails alongside search results (more)
          • Provide recommended links for certain keywords or phrases (more)
          • Perform database-like multi-criteria searches using  Custom Meta Fields.
          • Capable of serving up to 300 queries per minute
          • Can index and search 1000s of web site domains in a single index#
          • Search inside DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, RTF, and WPD files (see plugins#).
          • Search a Flash-based site. Index SWF and FlashPaper files (see plugin#).
          • A9 and OpenSearch compatible XML/RSS output (CGI only)
          • Log all searches made on your website and generate detailed pie-charts and graphical statistic reports* so you know what   your visitors are looking for
          • Completely customizable search page appearance with HTML and CSS templates
          • International language support (various   charset support, UTF-8, accent, diacritic and ligature options, translated   search pages and more)


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            jclguru Level 1

            Thanks a bunch Peter.