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    Best approach, Load media player with variable data

    The Converted



      I have an mp3 player which works ok, I get the variable data with songs and file location from an xml file.  However I have to launch the player in a new window in order to add to the total of number of times the song is played, therefore it's a bit of a hack job and not user friendly or fast.


      What I'm trying to achieve is this, on the same page a person clicks play on a play button (where load preview is) which is outside the swf compiled player (I've read that javascript is used to pass data to the swf).  When they do this first it tally's the total plays up by 1 in the mysql database (i have the code to do this), then it loads values into the player and automatically plays the song.


      Here is the actual player. http://www.intomusic.co.uk/scripts/artpagenewhosting.asp?ArtID=2890 click on load preview


      What's the best approach and can anyone give me specific examples I can fit together to find a solution.


      If I can't work this out, what's the best freelance flex or actionscript developer site for finding a freelancer who can do this? If anyone wants to email me on the site who can do the coding for a small fee please let me know.