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    No text boxes in Training Simulation





      I have been using Captivate 4 since it came out (and C3) before that. I am using a Vista PC to record training simulations for an ERP-system. It worked fine until just before christmas but when I try to record a new project now I get no text boxes, just typing. I have all the settings correct (create text boxes...) but it just wont work. I can get it to work in a Outlook window but not for the ERP-system. There has been no upgrades for the ERP-system so I am using exactly the the same ERP-software as I did when the training simulations did create text boxes.


      The only updates on my PC is Adobe Reader. I noticed there was a problem with flash (when trying to view these forums) so I installed the latest flash component.



      Any suggestions?



      /Stefan Blom

      BSIP AB