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    Number of pixels between two mx:Text blocks?


      Hey guys! I have several mx:Text blocks.


      But they layout tooo faraway from esch other. Like the whole line can fit between them. How do i decrease it? Tried setting height, y, leading - nothing gave me the desired result.




      <mx:Text id="SC56" mouseOver='StatPop(1756)' mouseOut='NoMapPopUp()' htmlText='{$[56]}' />


      <mx:Text id="SC61" mouseOver='StatPop(1761)' mouseOut='NoMapPopUp()' htmlText='{$[61]}' />


      <mx:Text id="SC58" mouseOver='StatPop(1758)' mouseOut='NoMapPopUp()' htmlText='{$[58]}' />


      <mx:Text id="SC62" mouseOver='StatPop(1762)' mouseOut='NoMapPopUp()' htmlText='{$[62]}' />