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    Triggering a state transition via time


      Something that comes up often for me is the need to jump from one state to another after a certain amount

      of time (as opposed to a user clicking on something).


      For example, lets say you are prototyping a search interface. The sequence is:


      1) The user fills in a form and clicks "Search"    (state 1)

      2) The UI displays a "searching" indicator for a few seconds (state 2)

      3) Search Results are displayed (state 3)


      Note that the user does not "click" anything to go from "state 2" to "state 3"; it happens

      automatically after some specified time.


      For the life of me I cannon figure out how to do this in Flash Catalyst gracefully. You can kind of fake it

      my fading things in the timeline, but this seems "hacky"; also, I cannot figure out how to fade something in AND

      fade something out in the same transition (to simulate state 2 above).


      Any suggestions?