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    Adobe Photoshop Album v.2 - Can I restore from thumbnails only?

    The Saints

      I am a complete IT donut.  I do not know the terminology and I'm not even sure I am on the right thread!!!!!.  But here goes if anyone thinks they can help.


      I have Adobe Photoshop Album v2.0 that I have been keeping photographs on.  Someone who shall remain nameless deleted a file which has meant that some of the older photos have lost what can only be described as the 'back up' to the photo - if that makes sense.  We can see it as a thumnail (with a small legend depicting that it is "broken") but when we double click on it the computer browses for a file that it cannot find - obviously.


      Is it possible to restore the photo using just the information that the computer has kept in order to generate the thumbnail?  There is no way we can restore the information that was lost as its years ago, but just wondered if anyone knew of a way to do this.


      I know this is probably a lost cause, but thanks for your time anyway.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          All that is stored in the Photoshop Album catalog file is a small thumbnail, which is better than nothing,I suppose. But we don't have any tools that would allow you to harvest even the thumbnails out of the catalog file. The catalog file is an MS Access database; if you could find a tool to crack open and rip out the resources, then you would have what you want, but I wouldn't be able to tell you step 1 on how to do that; just that it should be theoretically possible.


          Good Luck!