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    Slow switching back to CS3 Premiere Pro from other application windows

    The Rusty Traveler

      Whenever I have to switch back to CS3 Premiere Pro from any other application window (Encore, Photoshop, Windows Explorer, etc.) it takes three or four minutes for Premiere to respond, it just sits there with the hourglass. It doesn't matter which panel I switch back into. I have to plan my work very carefully so that I don't leave Premier unnecessarily. I am running Windows XP on a Dell T 7400 with 4 GB of RAM running at 3.2 GHz. I have four 15,000 RPM 300 GB drives arranged in two raids. Software is on the C Dr. and data is on the D Dr. (I call this machine T-Rex) I don't have this problem with any other application. The task manager shows 0 to 2 or 3% CPU utilization during this time. I am editing HD video.


      Any ideas or fixes for this problem?