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    PremierePro CS4 blurry output

    kar13 Level 1


      I have an mp4 file with at data rate of 2.91mbits/sec.

      If I bring that into Premiere to edit (simply cutting the 2.5 hour video into 8 segments) and export to mp4 via the Media Encoder, I continually get blurry text/images. If I simply open the original file in QuickTime Pro and export a sampling of the file, I get perfectly crisp text/images. I'm downsizing from 640x480 to 512x384 in both instances.


      Funny thing is, I even set the data rate really high coming from PPpro (2 mbits/sec) when exporting and it was blurry. Using QTpro, the data rate was set to 350kbits/sec and the quality was super!


      What am I doing wrong? I can't get the precise editing I need using QTpro, but Premiere is lacking in output quality.


      My source is 640x480. The premiere project defaults to 720x480. Is that an issue?