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    Dynamic TAB-Navigator with Dynamic Datagrids


      I use some Queries from a cfc returning data from a translation table. The structure is like:


      language       hint

      en                 something 1

      en                 something 2

      de                 test 1

      de                 test 2

      de                 test3

      es                 espanol 1

      es                 espanol 2




      Now, i try to create a TabNavigator with the language in the tabs as text an the hints in the attached tab-pages.


      Because i don´t know, how many languages the cfc returned and how many entrys for the language exists, i must do this dynamicly.


      Creation of the tab-pages and also a datagrid in every tab-page sems to work. But i can´t find any way to bind the filtered data to the different datagrids.


      I tried it with the service and a callresponder. At the cfc, i give the parmater for the language, an one time, the result for the selected language is correct. But no way, to bind data with other language parameter to the other Datagrids.


      Also, i tried to create different call responders dynamacly in Actionsscript. But i does´nt also work.


      Any ideas?